SCOTUS Decision a Win for Copyright Owners

This morning, in the case Warner Chappell Music, Inc. v. Nealy, the Supreme Court decided how far back a plaintiff can recover damages for copyright infringement. The decision is a win for copyright owners. A Decade of Infringement The Copyright Act has a statute of limitations of three years, and it is generally agreed thatContinue reading “SCOTUS Decision a Win for Copyright Owners”

AI and Copyright Registration

If you’re feeling confused about copyright and artificial intelligence, you’re not alone. Many of the issues and conflicts related to this topic are going to work their way through lawsuits and policy changes over the next few years. Meanwhile, the Copyright Office has issued guidelines for registering a work that contains some element(s) produced withContinue reading “AI and Copyright Registration”

5 Reasons Photographers Should Build Copyright Registration into the Budget

It’s affordable. As an afterthought, any kind of fee might seem pricey. But when you’re planning a project, accommodating less than $100 is probably easy. And because that will cover the registration of up to 750 images on one application, you can protect the photos from a whole job, or possibly more than one job.Continue reading “5 Reasons Photographers Should Build Copyright Registration into the Budget”

Do You Have To Put the © On Your Work?

The “c” in a circle: © is is a world-famous symbol, and yet it is no longer required for protecting works under U.S. copyright law. In fact, this has been true for many years, but here are some things about what the legal profession calls “copyright notice” that you should know: For eighty years –Continue reading “Do You Have To Put the © On Your Work?”

Did You Publish Photographs in 2023?

As the year draws to a close, we want to remind photographers in particular about group registration of published photographs. Ideally, your work is best protected when it’s registered with the Copyright Office before it leaves the studio. But deadlines and schedules being what they are, we know that registration often slips through the cracks.Continue reading “Did You Publish Photographs in 2023?”

Now Integrated with Capture One

Making copyright management part of your workflow just got easier. RightsClick is designed to help independent creators quickly and easily protect and enforce their copyrights. That begins with registration with the U.S. Copyright Office. With the new RightsClick plugin for the Capture One photo editing software, it is now even easier to make copyright registrationContinue reading “Now Integrated with Capture One”

Artist Aurélie Graillot Calls RightsClick a Game Changer

Aurélie Graillot is a photographer and visual artist who produces stunning images for high-end brands. She wrote us this wonderful note. Visit the Aurélie Graillot Studio website. Dear Steve & David: I can’t thank RightsClick enough for opening my eyes to the importance of registering my creative works with the Copyright Office. Before discovering theirContinue reading “Artist Aurélie Graillot Calls RightsClick a Game Changer”

What If the Copyright Office Rejects a Registration Application?

It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes the Copyright Office will reject a registration application for a particular work (Title). In most cases, when the registration specialist detects an administrative error, he or she will usually email the applicant directly and try to clear up any confusion. If you submitted a registration through RightsClick, andContinue reading “What If the Copyright Office Rejects a Registration Application?”

The Valancourt Books Decision and Deposit Copies

You may have seen some headlines recently announcing that the “deposit requirement” at the U.S. Copyright Office was held to be unconstitutional by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. Because this announcement could be misunderstood by creators looking to register their work(s) with the Office, we wanted to clarify the nature of this decision, butContinue reading “The Valancourt Books Decision and Deposit Copies”