AI and Copyright Registration

If you’re feeling confused about copyright and artificial intelligence, you’re not alone. Many of the issues and conflicts related to this topic are going to work their way through lawsuits and policy changes over the next few years. Meanwhile, the Copyright Office has issued guidelines for registering a work that contains some element(s) produced withContinue reading “AI and Copyright Registration”

Tepp to Speak on NY Times v. OpenAI

On Tuesday, March 12 at Noon EDT, RightsClick co-founder Steve Tepp will join a panel discussing the copyright case NY Times v. OpenAI. The Times alleges copyright infringement by parent company Microsoft and its OpenAI subsidiary, which operates the ChatGPT generative AI platform.  Like many authors and other creators, the Times is suing for theContinue reading “Tepp to Speak on NY Times v. OpenAI”