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Registration Fees with the U.S. Copyright Office

Not only is our registration system quick and easy, but our processing fees are 85% lower than most, if not all, of the registration services out there. Plus, with our system, you’re keeping track of your registration information in your portfolio for quick access to information when you need it.

We want to encourage all creators to register their works as an important backstop to protecting their rights. See Reasons to Register with the Copyright Office.

Registration Fees per ApplicationUSCORightsClickTotal
One Work by One Author (no limit of claim)$45$15$60
One Work by One Author (w/limit of claim)$65$15$80
One Work Made for Hire$65$15$80
Group Photo Applications of <100 titles:$55$15$70
Group Photo Applications of ≥ 100:$55$30$85
Group of Unpublished Works (max 10 per application)$85$15$100
Work by More Than One Author$65$15$80