AI and Copyright Registration

If you’re feeling confused about copyright and artificial intelligence, you’re not alone. Many of the issues and conflicts related to this topic are going to work their way through lawsuits and policy changes over the next few years. Meanwhile, the Copyright Office has issued guidelines for registering a work that contains some element(s) produced withContinue reading “AI and Copyright Registration”

What If the Copyright Office Rejects a Registration Application?

It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes the Copyright Office will reject a registration application for a particular work (Title). In most cases, when the registration specialist detects an administrative error, he or she will usually email the applicant directly and try to clear up any confusion. If you submitted a registration through RightsClick, andContinue reading “What If the Copyright Office Rejects a Registration Application?”

The Valancourt Books Decision and Deposit Copies

You may have seen some headlines recently announcing that the “deposit requirement” at the U.S. Copyright Office was held to be unconstitutional by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. Because this announcement could be misunderstood by creators looking to register their work(s) with the Office, we wanted to clarify the nature of this decision, butContinue reading “The Valancourt Books Decision and Deposit Copies”