About RightsClick

Successful creative professionals take control of their copyright rights, and RightsClick is designed to help you do just that. Our mantra is Get organized, register your work, and take action against infringements. These are the fundamental steps every creator should take–especially in a time when theft of your creative work is so easy and rampant.

Organize Your Portfolio

Create multiple Projects in RightsClick, and upload your Titles. Add copyright relevant information with a simple interface. Use Projects to group-register works and/or to keep the information at your fingertips. Use the RightsClick calendar tools to keep track of actions taken (or that you want to take) with specific Titles.

Register Your Work

Copyright protection in the U.S. begins with registration with the U.S. Copyright Office. Timely registration is required in order to obtain the full range of enforcement options when someone makes unlicensed use of your work.

Take Action Against Infringements

When you discover an infringement of your work, there are steps you can (and should) take before you 1) go straight to a lawyer; or 2) complain about it on social media. That’s why we created DIY enforcement tools in Rights Click.

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Where do I start?

Are you new to RightsClick? The first step is to upload the works you want to protect. Go to “Portfolio” on the left side of the home screen. Then create a new “Project,” which is like a folder. Then add your works, which we call “Titles” to the appropriate “Project.” Once you have done that, you can use our tools to help submit one of those works for registration or run an Infringement Assessment. And then you can choose enforcement actions if you would like.

Am I giving my rights to RightsClick?

No!! RightsClick, Inc. is here to help you make your rights meaningful for YOU, not take them away! All RightsClick needs is your permission to do what you want to do – like store a copy of your work (privately) or send a Cease-and-Desist letter that includes a copy of your work. The details are in the Terms of Service. 

What about the deposit copies for the Copyright Office?

If you use RightsClick to help submit an application for copyright registration, you will have to upload a copy of your work. We will use that to submit the deposit copy that is required as part of the application. Any extra copies made as part of the process of submitting the application will be deleted – the only copy that stays is the one you uploaded. RightsClick will never make any copies of your work publicly available.

Do I have to submit physical copies to the Copyright Office for registration?

Certain published works require physical deposits. See guidelines here to know whether you need to submit physical copies. Although digital deposit copies are most common and highly recommended, RightsClick can facilitate applications requiring both digital and physical deposits. See details here.

I need help understanding all the legal jargon.

Click “Learn” on the left side of the page for a glossary of key legal terms. We did our best to write them in understandable English.

Is RightsClick providing legal advice?

No. RightsClick is designed to help you manage your portfolio, primarily by storing and keeping track of facts relevant to copyright law; to help you understand the law and what it means in practice; and to help you with enforcement actions you choose to take. Nothing in the suite of tools should be considered legal advice. The material is there to provide you with information to consider. And when in doubt, we always recommend contacting an attorney.

What is your refund policy on filing fees?

Filing fees are a combination of fees set by the Copyright Office plus our fees for processing your claims. If we commit an error that requires refiling of a registration application or a CCB claim, we will redo the filing at no additional cost to you.  We cannot provide refunds in circumstances in which you commit an error, or if the Copyright Office rejects an application for registration or if the CCB rejects a small claim at their discretion. For specific complaints and requests for refunds, please write to Info@rightsclick.com. You can send compliments and suggestions there, too!

What If I Want to Cancel My Account?

You may cancel you subscription at any time, but please be aware that your data will not be saved. To cancel, go to Account Settings, and in the Billing Tab, click “Deactivate Account.”