Federal Court Affirms: Memes are not a Copyright-Free Zone

We’ve all become accustomed to the never-ending parade of iconic images that get picked up as viral “memes.” From Grumpy Cat to Distracted Boyfriend and many more, people seize on images that starkly convey basic emotions and copy them, adding their own context, often to humorous ends. But somewhere there is a photographer who tookContinue reading “Federal Court Affirms: Memes are not a Copyright-Free Zone”

Registration: One Work, One Author, Lots of Rules

The Single Application Form The least expensive registration avenue offered by the Copyright Office is the Single Application form. For $45 ($20less than the Standard Application), you can submit your registration. However, the Copyright Office views this as a special discount and limits the use of Single Application. As the name suggests, you may onlyContinue reading “Registration: One Work, One Author, Lots of Rules”

Webinar – Protecting Your Passion

RightsClick and Qti.ai team up in their first joint webinar for creative entrepreneurs. Protecting Your Passion for your creative venture means protecting your intellectual property. Hear from creator/entrepreneur Jennifer L. Cook of Snake Arts about her experiences with IP and identity theft and learn what you should know for your business.

Creative Experience: Photographer Michole Forks

Michole Forks, age 35, is a professional photographer in the Bay Area. He’s passionate about working with families to create meaningful portraits. Micholino Photography How long have you been a professional photographer, and how did you get your start? I have been a professional photographer for 10 years. My journey in photography began as aContinue reading “Creative Experience: Photographer Michole Forks”

AI and Copyright Registration

If you’re feeling confused about copyright and artificial intelligence, you’re not alone. Many of the issues and conflicts related to this topic are going to work their way through lawsuits and policy changes over the next few years. Meanwhile, the Copyright Office has issued guidelines for registering a work that contains some element(s) produced withContinue reading “AI and Copyright Registration”

Taking Action:  DMCA Takedown & Responding to the Infringer of Your Work

When you discover an unauthorized use of your work on a website, there are often two separate but related steps you can take. RightsClick is designed to help you do both and to help you keep track of these actions in your already busy schedule. First, it is essential to understand the difference between theContinue reading “Taking Action:  DMCA Takedown & Responding to the Infringer of Your Work”

Understanding Limit of Claim in Copyright Registration

When you submit an application to register your work, the Copyright Office asks you to state what you authored and also to “limit” your claim by noting elements of the work that are either someone else’s authorship, or even your own prior authorship. While that can be confusing, it’s actually not too hard. Claiming copyrightContinue reading “Understanding Limit of Claim in Copyright Registration”

Tepp to Speak on NY Times v. OpenAI

On Tuesday, March 12 at Noon EDT, RightsClick co-founder Steve Tepp will join a panel discussing the copyright case NY Times v. OpenAI. The Times alleges copyright infringement by parent company Microsoft and its OpenAI subsidiary, which operates the ChatGPT generative AI platform.  Like many authors and other creators, the Times is suing for theContinue reading “Tepp to Speak on NY Times v. OpenAI”

Why Retain the Copyright Rights if You’re Not Going to Register?

Many, if not most, creators who work for clients typically retain the copyright rights in their work. Commercial photographers and illustrators, for instance, use standard written agreements affirming that they retain the rights to the images and then lay out the terms by which the client(s) may use the works. Naturally, some clients will insist,Continue reading “Why Retain the Copyright Rights if You’re Not Going to Register?”