Get organized.
Register your work.
Take action.

Your creative work is yours. And we launched RightsClick™ for busy, independent creators like you with one goal: make it easier to manage and enforce the copyright rights that protect your work.

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How It Works

Found an unlicensed use of your work? Respond quickly and easily with the RightsClick enforcement tools.
RightsClick Enforcement Tools

Portfolio Management

Getting organized is step one. Quickly organize your creative portfolio according to relevant legal information like creation date, author information, and publication and registration status. Upload Titles into Projects you organize, and assign information to one or multiple Titles at a time.

Registration with the U.S. Copyright Office

Submit a registration application in a matter of minutes, and we handle the rest. And for much lower fees than other services. Registration is more than proof of ownership. Under U.S. law, that registration number helps you turn a complaint into resolution. And that can mean money in your pocket.

Respond to Infringements Yourself

Many common (but costly!) infringements can be resolved without an attorney. That’s the premise of the RightsClick Assessment Tool. Step through a few questions to gather the relevant facts about an infringement of your work, so you can make an informed decision about your next course of action.

Take Action

Send a Cease & Desist with demand for payment. Or send a DMCA takedown request. Or even send a summary of your complaint directly to an attorney from within the application, if that’s the right course of action.. Infringers count on you to be too busy to enforce your rights, and. RightsClick is designed to change that narrative by enabling you take action in minutes rather than hours.

Keeping Track of It All

While you’re busy creating new work, keeping track of even a few copyright matters can be a chore. That’s why RightsClick provides a dashboard, calendar, and events tool to help you keep track of actions taken, responses due, and more. For instance, the moment you discover an infringement, you can quickly associate the information with the Title used and make a note to address it as a to-do item on the calendar.

Copyright Small Claims

With the introduction of the new Copyright Claims Board (CCB), creators have a new remedy for infringements that are too small to warrant federal litigation. This is one more reason to organize your portfolio, register your work, and take informed action. And yes, we are working on tools to help you understand, file, and manage CCB claims.

The copyright management suite for the independent, professional creator.

Take control of your copyright rights.

Flip the narrative on piracy.

You spend hours creating your work. Spend minutes protecting it.


Rates Includes all functionality in the RightsClick app. Additional fees apply for registration with the Copyright Office and, eventually, for filing claims with the CCB. But check around, and we think you’ll find that our registration processing fees are dramatically lower than other registration services.

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