Reclaim your rights.
Reclaim your value.
Reclaim your time.

Your creative work is yours. And we launched RightsClick™ because we are passionate about protecting the legal rights that make it yours. Watch the video of our first webinar here!


Portfolio Management

Getting organized is half the battle. Keeping your creative portfolio organized according to relevant legal information is the foundation of the RightsClick project management system.


Registration with the U.S. Copyright Office gives you power if and when you have to enforce your rights. And we make it easy to cross this essential item off your to-do list. Our process is simple and fast. And our fees are much lower than other registration services out there.

Infringement Assessment Tool

You don’t need to be a copyright expert to understand your rights. The RightsClick Infringement Assessment walks you step-by-step through a series of basic questions to help you make an informed decision about enforcing your rights.

DIY Enforcement

Infringers count on you to be too busy to enforce your rights. RightsClick is designed to help you take meaningful, quick action and keep track along the way.

Attorney Network

Our partner network of attorneys, including pro bono services and law clinics, are ready to help entrepreneurial copyright owners like you. And you can track your communications and send attorneys information from within the RightsClick suite.

Copyright Small Claims – COMING SOON!

Very soon, you will be able to file copyright small claims without an attorney. But this means complying with the rules and meeting the deadlines set by the new Copyright Claims Board. The RightsClick CCB tool is being completed in concert with these new rules to help you manage the process without wishing you had gone to law school.

The copyright management suite for the independent, professional creator.

Take control of your copyright rights.

Flip the narrative on piracy.

You spend hours creating your work. Spend minutes protecting it.


Rates Includes all functionality in the RightsClick app. Additional fees apply for registration with the Copyright Office and, eventually, for filing claims with the CCB. But check around, and we think you’ll find that our registration processing fees are dramatically lower than other registration services.

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