Artist Aurélie Graillot Calls RightsClick a Game Changer

Aurelie Graillot

Aurélie Graillot is a photographer and visual artist who produces stunning images for high-end brands. She wrote us this wonderful note.

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Dear Steve & David:

I can’t thank RightsClick enough for opening my eyes to the importance of registering my creative works with the Copyright Office. Before discovering their services, I had no idea just how crucial this step was in protecting my intellectual property. Recently, I faced a situation where one of my former clients decided to use almost a hundred of my photographs without my permission.

The thought of all my hard work and creativity being exploited was disheartening, to say the least. But the real eye opener was when I learned about the potential compensation I could have received if I had registered my works earlier. Up to $30,000 for EACH infringed work! The realization was a turning point for me.

The RightsClick platform not only simplified the copyright registration process, but also allowed me to submit registrations for hundreds of photos at once and keep track of each submission and its status. The efficiency was a game changer for my post-production workflow. By using RightsClick, I am protecting my current and future works, and I also managed to efficiently reclaim what was rightfully mine from that former client. The ease and speed of the platform are now part of my creative/production process, helping ensure that my rights are protected and, when necessary, enforced.

I cannot recommend RightsClick enough to fellow artists, photographers, and other creators. With their suite of tools, you can protect your art and your financial interests with ease. Thank you for making such a crucial process accessible and efficient!

Aurélie Graillot