Get Organized

Taking control of your copyright rights begins with getting your portfolio organized according to copyright-relevant information. When you suddenly discover a potential infringement of your work, having the information you need at your fingertips will save time and stress in a moment when you’re already angry at someone.

And that’s why getting organized is step one in RightsClick!

Batch upload your files into a new Project. A Project can be any size, though we recommend keeping the sizes manageable. A Project is also the “container” for Titles you intend to group register.


Individual works are referred to by RightsClick and the Copyright Office as Titles. You can upload one or man Titles to a project. Each Title can be individually edited and accessed for its relevant information.


Upload Titles into Projects, where you can batch-edit the relevant information for several or all of the Titles in a couple of minutes.

Editing Info

You can edit the copyright-relevant information for one Title at a time or for all the Titles in a Project with the Update tool.