How’s the Copyright Small Claim Going So Far?

by Rachel Kim & Maggie Hibnick It’s only been a little over a month since the new small copyright claims tribunal, the Copyright Claims Board (CCB), started taking claims. Claimants have been keeping the CCB busy and some claims were approved for service of process at the beginning of this month. We at the CopyrightContinue reading “How’s the Copyright Small Claim Going So Far?”

In the News: PetaPixel

RightsClick Wants to Simplify the Process of Protecting Copyrights by David Crewe The recently established company is set to provide comprehensive copyright management including tools for portfolio management, registration of works, and a do-it-yourself (DIY) enforcement system for users to handle copyright infringements. Read the full story at PetaPixel.

Using Photographs to Register Other Types of Visual Art

Trying to protect your copyrighted work without registering with the U.S. Copyright Office is like running uphill…with a rock tied to your waist. And for many small business creators, registration seems daunting and time consuming. This double-whammy has gotten in the way of many independent creators being able to protect their rights. The good newsContinue reading “Using Photographs to Register Other Types of Visual Art”

Webinar #1 – Introduction to RightsClick

We hosted our first webinar to introduce the RightsClick suite of tools and answer questions from some early adopters. We covered portfolio management, registration with the U.S. Copyright Office, cease & desist letters, and more. Check it out. We want to hear from you! Use code MYWORK22PIXELS for low, introductory rate.

Maybe Don’t Talk About Your CCB Claim on Social Media

(Reposted from The Illusion of More by David Newhoff) The copyright small-claim alternative, adjudicated by the Copyright Claims Board (CCB), was intentionally designed to accommodate pro se participants, meaning that both claimants and respondents can represent themselves without hiring attorneys. After all, the foundation of small claims court or alternative dispute resolution is to saveContinue reading “Maybe Don’t Talk About Your CCB Claim on Social Media”

Reasons to Register with the Copyright Office

Any work created in the United States after January 1, 1978 is automatically protected by copyright law. BUT there’s a catch. If your work is not registered with the Copyright Office, you lose key enforcement tools. And if the party who infringed your work knows this, you lose leverage in trying to negotiate a settlement.Continue reading “Reasons to Register with the Copyright Office”

Co-Founder Newhoff on Employment Law Today

David Newhoff, copyright advocate, author, writer, and co-founder of RightsClick, Inc, appeared on this week’s episode of Employment Law Today hosted by Eric Sarver, Esq. David shared his knowledge, tips, and resources for copyright protection – including guidance for creative professionals. TalkRadio.NYC streams live on Tuesday evenings, 5pm to 6pm (EST) and is posted on Apple Podcasts, Spotify,Continue reading “Co-Founder Newhoff on Employment Law Today”