Register a Group of Works

A Group of Unpublished Works

Register a group of works.

Unpublished works can be most cost-effectively registered in groups of 2 – 10 works per application. All Titles in the group must have the same Author or same Joint Authors, and the Author(s) must also be the Claimant(s). The works in the group must all be the same type of work (e.g.. all illustrations).

In RightsClick, you can create a single Project with more than 10 Titles for this kind of registration, and the system will automatically process the correct number of applications. For instance, a Project with 27 unpublished illustrations will require 3 applications. See demo video below.

The fee is $85 per application to the Copyright Office, and RightsClick charges $15 per application for processing. Each group of 10 shares a case number and a registration number, and these will be assigned to the correct Titles in the RightsClick Project once they are issued by the Copyright Office.

Yes, you may email us your copyright question, and we’ll do our best to answer, but RightsClick is not your attorney, and it does not provide legal advice.